When it comes to the distribution of documentaries, TV shows, concert recordings or short films on YouTube and other streaming platforms, you're looking in the right place! We are professionals in the distribution of traditional media content in the digital world.

Wocomo® stands for "wonderful content in motion" and is our umbrella brand for multiple thematical verticals in our channel network. And we also use the existing brands of our content partners to increase our partners' fan base and subscribers.

wocomo - wonderful content in motion
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NIKITA VENTURES is a media company based in Berlin, Germany, specializing in digital distribution of content. NIKITA VENTURES acquires film-, television- and music rights and ensures their optimal distribution via digital distribution channels worldwide.

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NIKITA ASIA is a subsidiary of NIKITA VENTURES and ensures the optimal distribution of digital content for a Chinese-speaking audience worldwide. NIKITA ASIA is a specialist in adaptation and localization of content for asian target groups.

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Our content-partners come from different areas such as TV networks, media groups, independent film producers, film archives or music labels. We maintain long-term, trusting relationships with almost all.

Featured channels

KIS KIS - keep it short!

KIS KIS - keep it short!

KIS KIS publishes awarded shorts every week. All short films are curated by leading distributors in the short film market like Magnetfilm, SND Films, Interfilm, Kurzfilmagentur Hamburg, MIYU, Ouat Media, New Europe Film Sales, Network Ireland Television and others.


我视星球 - ISEE

ISEE is YouTube's leading channel for Western content in Chinese. ISEE publishes high quality factual content, produced by leading documentary producers around the world with Chinese subtitles for a worldwide Chinese-speaking audience.


wocomo MUSIC

wocomoMUSIC publishes premium music, carefully selected from different genres such as classical, jazz, rock and pop. Their only common criterion is the quality! wocomoMUSIC - music for grown-ups!


wocomo DOCS

wocomoDOCS publishes documentaries produced by leading studios around the world. Main topics are politics, society and science and the channel's goal is to be a reliable source of information and investigative journalism for a better understanding of relationships, backgrounds and future developments.


wocomo cook

wocomoCOOK presents documentaries, shows and explanatory videos about cooking, food culture and regional products from leading producers and broadcasters around the globe, such as "What's Cooking", "Royal Dinner" and "Mein schönes Land".


wocomo TRAVEL

wocomoTRAVEL is a channel for travelers, tourists and backpackers and all who are interested in foreign countries and cultures. The channel mainly publishes entire reports, including many high-class documentary series known from TV, such as "360° - GEO-Reportage".

EuroArts Music


EuroArts Music is one of the worldwide leading independent producers and rights owners of audio-visual classical music programs. The EuroArts YouTube channel presents complete documentaries and concert recordings and has become one of the most followed sources for classical music videos online.

Harald Schmidt Kanal

Harald Schmidt Show

Legendäre Ausschnitte aus einer der besten Late-Night-Shows aller Zeiten, der Harald Schmidt Show, in der ARD (mit und ohne Oliver Pocher) und später auf SKY.

China News Service

China LIVE

China Live publishes content from different Chinese content providers, such as from the news agency China News Service, with spreading news worldwide as its main task for compatriots in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, overseas Chinese and related foreigners.


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