Our content-partners (or licensors) come from all over the world (Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Vienna, Zurich, London, Dublin, Toronto, Chennai, São Paulo etc.) and from different parts of the media industry such as TV networks, media groups, independent film producers, film archives or music labels. We maintain long-term, trusting relationships with almost all.

In Germany and Austria, we entertain close relationships to the Television industry, especially to public broadcasters. When it comes to YouTube-distribution of traditional Television content, nikita ventures has become a trusted partner of several distribution companies within the ARD (the world's largest public broadcaster). Today, we manage the YouTube distribution of some of the most successful TV-shows in Germany and Austria.

Here we have a selection of our content partners.

University of Southern California Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles Travelling Distribution, Trois-Rivières (QC) Autour de Minuit, Paris Manifest, Paris Origine Films, Paris Czech Television, Prague Murga, Buenos Aires GAD, Mérignac Europa Filmes, Sao Paulo Autentic, Munich Leonine Licensing, Munich National Film Board Canada, Montreal Albatross, Leipzig Deutsche Grammophon, Berlin EROÏN, Saint Laurent du Var Go2Films, Jerusalem Warner Bros. International Television Production België, Zaventem Vidicom Media, Hamburg Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre Mineworks Film, Aachen Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg Network Ireland Television, Dublin Arthaus Musik, Halle Salaud Morisset, Paris zero one Film, Berlin Picture Tree International, Berlin Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre Radiator Films, Brussels Lichtblick Film, Cologne CPB Films, Paris Poorhouse International, London MIYU productions, Arles 3boxmedia, Cologne Terranoa, Paris Ouat Media, Toronto micafilm, Berlin Hollywood, Munich Premium Films, Paris EarthSync, Chennai Interfilm, Berlin New Europe Film Sales, Warsaw Kurzfilmagentur, Hamburg First Hand Films, Zürich Filmtank, Hamburg Fred Kogel GmbH, München Avanti Media, Berlin Arpad Bondy Filmproduktion, Berlin hr media, Frankfurt am Main Telepool, München ORF Enterprise, Wien SND Films, Amsterdam Fact+Film, Bremen Signed Media, Hamburg Ozango Productions, Strasbourg Loft Music, München Amboss, Hamburg Berlin Producers, Berlin EuroArts Music International, Berlin MedienKontor, Berlin Allegro Films, London Busch Media Group, Hagen Delta Music, Frechen


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